Maxim Gehricke

Houdini TD/Generalist

I am a flexible 3D Generalist with a special interest in FX. I much prefer working in Houdini, but also know my way around Maya. Additionally I also have some experience using Nuke, Substance Painter, Mari, and Zbrush.
I am currently working as a Junior Generalist TD at Framestore in London, having worked on photorealistic FX, procedural modeling as well as some CFX for various projects over my past year there.

Over the past three years I've put countless hours into into my ongoing project "SEN" - a 3D animated short film. This has been a very ambitious project that I am hoping to finish in spring 2024.

If you're as excited as me about creating something great, I'm always open to connect, collaborate, and to bring our visions to life. Let's create something amazing together!